Sultan-Monroe Lodge #160

Sultan and Monroe Freemasons, OES, and affiliated organizations. Monroe, Wa

Sultan-Monroe Update

Sultan-Monroe Lodge is continuing to be active in the community and continuing to be more visible in the community.  We will be attending the Monroe Community Awards on April 26th at 6:30pm to present our Citizen of the Year award, we will be hosting our Roast of the Grand Master on May 6th, and the mural on the side of the building is complete and looking great!  We attended the Stated meeting on Crystal Lodge #122 on April 4th as a surprise visit to a lodge that we usually can not visit because they meet on the same nights as we do.  I have attended several of the Official Visits of the Deputy of the Grand Master in District 8 to show support from Sultan-Monroe Lodge and will be encouraging more travel and visitations to lodges within and without District 8.  I look forward to continuing to server as the Worshipful Master this year, and also as Deputy of the Grand Master starting in June for the next 2 years.  Thanks to Brother Fred Grannan in the assistance of updating our website and we hope our virtual presence continues to grow.

Steve Martin
Worshipful Master