Sultan-Monroe Lodge #160

Sultan and Monroe Freemasons, OES, and affiliated organizations. Monroe, Wa

Happy 2018!

Greetings my brothers and Happy New Year!

I am grateful for the opportunity to work together as a lodge this year to build our presence in the community and to help each other grow in Masonry.

I will be using the website to pre-announce all events coming up in Lodge this year, so please watch carefully.  My prime focus will be on education and Masonic values. To that end, in keeping with WB Steve’s example last year, I will endeavor to keep meeting duration short. But after each stated meeting we will linger in the fellowship hall to discuss some topic of Masonry.   For tomorrow’s meeting, we will be talking about cults and does Masonry meet the definition of a cult as so many believe.  You will not want to miss this discussion.

We will also be having many presentations throughout the year so watch the website calendar for dates and invite other brothers to come.

The whole officer line is working together to create and enhance a slate of activities for this year and the next few years to come. So, come and be a part of it.  We’d love to see you.

With fraternal love always,